Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong

Hi everyone! I took a week or so off from blogging to focus on job searching. I’m at a lull right now with my job search – I’m waiting for more jobs to be posted. I do have an interview for a part-time job this weekend, so hopefully that turns into something prosperous! ($$$)

I’m also starting to plan my next SE Asia adventure – two weeks in Vietnam and two to three weeks in Thailand next January. I should probably get a job first before I get too invested in my plan… 😉

So back to my Indonesia adventure…

I had a free weekend on Nusa Penida. Some friends I met from orientation decided to come visit me on the island! They arrived Saturday morning. We had a slight miscommunication about where we were meeting, but thankfully I had my Indonesian SIM card to connect with my friends. I ended up getting a ride from the owner(?) of the home stay they were staying at, about a twenty minute car ride from the volunteer house. I stayed at the homestay with them to get a change of scenery and a hot shower (no hot shower at the homestay 😥 ). We asked the owner, Agus, if anyone could take us to Crystal Bay, Broken Beach, and Angel’s Billabong. We showed him an advertisement for a tour guide company and their prices. He offered to drive us for 600,000 (~$45) total to take us around for the day.  Divided between the four of us it would cost us 150,000 (~$11) so we decided to take him up on the offer.

Agus was thrilled to take us around the island. He gathered up all of his camera equipment – he had a fancy Canon and a couple Go Pros that he threw in the car. I think he was trying to take some promo pictures to increase tourism for his homestay? Anyways, our first stop was Crystal Bay. I had been there before, but my friends wanted to check out a good beach to swim and snorkel at. We spent about an hour there and then left for Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. Both attractions were a hour and a half away from Crystal Bay on one-lane dirt roads. Pro Tip: Hire someone to drive you! Unless you have mad motorbike skills, do not attempt to drive this by yourself. I was happy to have a local take us there and not have to drive on the roads myself.

Our driver, Agus, a fan of hemp and reggae music.


Breathtaking Nusa Penida countryside

After driving through the countryside, we made it to Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. I don’t think the pictures do it justice but here ya go!

broken-beach-3 broken-beach-4 broken-beach1 broken-beach-2


Beautiful, right? Now Angel’s Billabong was a short hike from Broken Beach. Angel’s Billabong is a natural infinity pool. We actually got to jump in the pool. It was kind of gross/scary – a lot of algae and sharp rocks but hey! We got to swim in a natural infinity pool!


After a quick dip in the pool, we bought some Sprite from a lady selling snacks and drinks by the parking lot. I drank so much Sprite on this trip! At home, I hardly ever drink soda or sugary drinks (even coffee drinks – I’m boring and order Americanos 🙂 ), but I think my soda habit spiked on this trip because Sprite is incredibly refreshing in hot weather and my body craved all the sugars and sodium from sweating so much. Agus also gave us some peanuts to snack on. These peanuts were tasty but covered in dirt – freshly harvested?

Agus took us to a restaurant after we got back into town. We were starving. That day I ate an egg, a banana, some chicken-flavored chips, a handful of m&ms, and the dirt peanuts.At the restaurant I ordered a delicious Balinese curry and Papaya juice.

After we got back to the homestay, my friend and I walked around “town.” There was a ceremony happening that evening, so there were hardly any people on the street. After wandering for about an hour we kind of got sketched out by all the stray dogs barking and these local guys yelling at us to come drink with them in an alley. Nope.

We hung out at the homestay for the rest of the night at the Bob Marley themed “bar.” Agus played music for us on his guitar, served us some fresh fruit, and talked. A random on-duty police officer showed up at the bar and started watching TV shows on his phone. I guess it was a slow night crime-wise on the island?

Bob Marley themed homestay and bar.

The next day Agus dropped us off at the conservation center – my friends wanted to see the turtles and the volunteer house. We grabbed lunch at the Coconut Beach Warung. My friends caught their boat later that afternoon. I was happy to show them around Nusa Penida!

Thanks for visiting me!!

Next time on the blog, I’ll talk about my boat ride back to Bali, my luxurious hotel room in Legian (only $35 USD!) and my last night out with my new Norwegian friends!

I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in proofreading my blogs before I post them? I want to build up my blog with decent content and it was always nice to have someone look over your writing. Also, any thoughts on the new theme of my blog? I need to fix a few things on the blog and start categorizing my posts – I’ve been lazy with the actual website building. I’d rather just write and share my travel stories. 🙂


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