Five essential travel accessories you already own

Travel is so much easier when you have the right gear to accompany you. Whether you are on a weekend road trip or a month long international trip, these five travel accessories are practical items to pack in your carry-on. Since no one is paying me to write this article (the dream, right?), I’m suggesting items that you may already own that you may not think to pack.

1. A lightweight scarf

I’m rocking my favorite travel scarf for my flight to Taipei.

Yes. A scarf. A lightweight scarf is your new favorite travel companion. Why?  A scarf can have numerous functions other than being a fashion accessory and/or neck warmer! I’m not talking about a thick, six inch wide scarf that you would wear on a chilly day. My favorite travel scarf is 3ftx3ft and made from lightweight cotton fabric. It even has elephants on it. 🙂

You can use a scarf as a blanket on a chilly plane ride if the airline doesn’t provide them. At the beach and forgot a towel to lay down in the sand? A scarf will do the job! No towels provided at your AirBnB? I’ve been there – use your scarf to dry off after taking a shower.

2.  Reusable water bottle

Single use plastic bottles create unnecessary and excessive waste and can expensive. Save your hard earned money while travelling and bring a reusable water bottle. If you are in a country where the water is safe for you to drink, fill up at an available tap or ask a waiter at a restaurant to fill up your water bottle for you. If you are in a country where the tap water may make you sick, there are several built-in filter reusable water bottles on the market that have the ability to filter out bad bacteria.

3.  Pocket-sized tissue paper or Kleenex

We’ve all been there. You are in a public restroom finishing up your business and you realize your stall is out of toilet paper! That’s where pocket-sized tissue paper comes in handy. Keep a small packet in your purse or travel carry-on for easy access.

4.  A first-aid kit

When I was in Bali, I met a group of nursing students that had the best stocked first-aid kits. They had medication for almost any common ailment, band-aids of all sizes, and probably an assortment of other things I wouldn’t know how to use or what to use it for.

While it certainly is an option to pack your own traveling pharmacy, I recommend packing the basics if you will be traveling domestically. A few band aids, some hand wipes, antibiotic cream, and some pepto bismol might be all you need. However, if you are going abroad, I recommend bringing over-the-counter medication and products you might need that may be difficult to find in that country at a pharmacy or if you do not speak the native country. I bring antibiotics, allergy and cold medication when I’m traveling abroad.

5.  Safety pins

Discourage thieves, prevent a fashion emergency, and use it unlock a SIM card from your phone.


What are your favorite travel accessories?  


One Reply to “Five essential travel accessories you already own”

  1. Totally agree about the scarf! It’s my must have on every trip I take! I use it for a blanket, pillow/ neck support, shirt, beach coverup, hair accessory etc! There’s no limit to the use of a scarf 🙂


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